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Taking Control: A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Surviving Infertility

Tughra Books

Taking Control: A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Surviving Infertility

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Trying to conceive and struggling with it can be confusing and lonely but you’re not alone, and this book is to remind you of that and so much more. 

In this book, you will be encouraged to take control of your infertility experience:

  • within yourself 
  • within your marriage 
  • in relation to social pressures  
  • on treatment options  
  • and on what your family can look like (even when different from the 'norm')

 Delve into it with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to start taking control of your infertility journey today.  

 Farah Dualeh has worked in the charity sector for over 12 years and has a BA in Social Science and a postgraduate qualification in Community Leadership and Law. Having experienced infertility herself and trying to conceive for almost 13 years, she’s extremely passionate about helping Muslim women navigate infertility and live happy fulfilling lives despite the hardship of TTC.  

Author: Farah Dualeh
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597849494
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: : 152

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