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The Turkish Judiciary as a Weapon of Genocide

The Turkish Judiciary as a Weapon of Genocide

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After the big bribery and corruption operations on 17 and 25 December 2013, involving the names of some ministers and their children, the political power blamed the Gülen Movement for these operations, which it described as a "coup" against the government. After the 17-25 December operations, the political power declared the Gülen Movement, which was previously accepted as a non-governmental organization in the form of the "Gülen Community, Community, Hizmet Movement" for many years and supported its activities, as an enemy labeling it as "parallel structure".
After 17-25 December 2013, Prime Minister (President after 10 August 2014) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP Government's greatest aim and goal, both at home and abroad, was to end the Gülen Movement. Erdoğan declared this goal as the “War of independence” and said that the members of the Gülen Movement will “pay a price from A to Z” and “will hold them accountable”. In order to achieve this goal, he first wanted to have the Gülen Movement recognized and declared as a terrorist organization. Erdogan's biggest weapon in this regard would be the "judiciary", which he attached to the executive power through legislative changes and political pressures.
This book does not show how the independence and impartiality of the judiciary should be, but how it should not be. Or?” It can be said that it answers the question “What shape would it take in the 21st century if the medieval Inquisition's judicial system had continued. We hope that one day these lands will find law and justice.

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